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Exhibition Tablecloths

We want to ensure that our customers have the ability to create the right impression whilst 'showing off' their products.

We have developed a specific size cloth for customers to use whilst exhibiting or during conferences. The cloths are based on an average size trestle table which is 6ft long, 2ft 6" wide and 2ft 5" high.

The fabric used is our 100% polyester, easy care fabric which has been brushed to create a cotton feel. This fabric offers excellent colour retention, anti-stain and anti-crease properties and superior durability.

What is the difference compared to a normal cloth?
These cloths are made to order and are correct to the normal size of a trestle table. Please note you will need to check this as all trestle tables are not the same.

We offer a standard exhibition/conference cloth which is not fitted, but sized at 328 x 178cm (129" x 70") which leaves approximately 11" overhang at the rear of the table. The cloth is not box fitted to the table, however has been resized to drop to the floor at the sides and the front of the table and leave approximately a 19" gap at the rear of the table for easy access and storage, clips are available to hold the cloth in position at the rear of the table, please see below for prices and an image.

We also have the box fitted, exhibition cloth available; size 328 x 178cm (129" x 70") cloth which is fitted at the corners of the table to create a smart and elegant feel to your display with no need for extra pinning and loose fabric to the four corners of your table. It also enables the cloths to be used outdoors or in open marquees without blowing open to reveal any items stored under the table.

All the usual colours are available and we are also able to provide the above in flame retardant fabric and printed all over. Other types of fabric available which come under the flame retardant bracket are canvas and satin gloss which gives a luxurious lustrous feel to the cloth and is very popular for exhibitions. Flame retardant exhibition cloths are priced per cloth however so please call to discuss your requirements on 01925 242606 and one of the team will be happy to help.

We offer discount on orders of 11 or more cloths, please call for further details.

Please note that the size is based on our standard size trestle table and some may vary so measurements must be checked prior to ordering, we also leave approximately one inch from the top of each corner unsown which is unnoticeable unless inspected and this is to accommodate either curved or square corners.

The price for these exhibition cloths is £38.15 each for non-fitted cloths, and £49.95 each for box fitted cloths.

If you have an interest in this service please email us with your details and we will supply you with cloths as required.